2017 Fleamarkets /Bazaars/ Festivals

Theme: Hyped Food Festival

Location: Chijmes, The Lawn

Proposed Date: June 23rd to 26th 2017 

Proposed Time: Fri à 6pm – 10.30pm

                            Sat to Mon à 12pm – 8pm


Hyped Food Festival meaning the food stalls that are coming in must have the following criteria:

  1.       Instagram Worthy
  2.       Artistic
  3.       Conventional food done in unconventional method(s)
  4.       Foods which attract the attention of all ages


For the food stalls, we are looking at 20x vendors.

Rental Charges* will be at $250 for the 4 days.

*Marquee, tables, chairs, electrical will be provided

(shared wash basin sink)

Cooking and reheating allowed as long as no open fire e.g Induction cooker, electric fryer

To apply, please reply to this email or email to: [email protected]


Please state:

1) Your product name

2) 3 pictures of your food product (do not send me link to website or instagram. we only need 3 image attachments)

3) A screenshot of your instagram/facebook followers (if any)


Take note all vendors food product will be curated and submitted for approval before registration.



Push Carts/ Retail Kiosks/ Walkway Gazebos:

Pushcarts at Downtown East
 2 pushcarts available at the indoor alley and 1 pushcart at level 4 space(Cathay Cinema) of Downtown East. This is a heavy traffic area especially during weekends and is an opportunity not to be missed with the festive season coming.
Start Date: Anytime
Min rental: 3 months
Security deposit: 1 month
1) Level 1 Indoor (OCBC area) – $1.6k /mth:
2) Level 1 Indoor (CandyHouse entrance area) – $1.6k/ mth:

- Good human traffic – Surrounded by restaurants, entertainment centres such as arcade, bowling, chalet, cinemas, Wild Wild wet – Family crowd, working crowd, teenagers, and kids crowds – Good buying power

Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]
to get your cart today! Book early to avoid disappointment!
Traffic Count done by Downtown east:1,049,786 per month based on past figures
Upcoming Events @ Kovan Heartland in 2016: (Sold Out)
Family Carnival on 14-16 October 2016 at Kovan's bus interchange (beside Heartland Mall) 
The carnival will consist of different types of vendors such as F&B, retails, pet-retails, adoption drive for dogs, charity car wash, game booths and stage performaces for the residence there. 
The operating hours for the booth will be 9AM to 8PM. You can extend the operating hours if you want to with no extra charges as there will be performances in the evening during Saturday and Sunday. 
Date: 14th to 16th October 2016
Time: 9am to 8pm
Logistics: 1 table with skirting and 2 chairs
Total Booths: 37 booths
Space: 3m by 2m unit space
Booth rental fee: $200 (for all 3 days - Fri to Sunday)
Booth selection: random
Powerpoint: $20 (optional)
For this event, we will allow FNB but with the following terms:
There will not be any cooking or preparing of foods or beverages allowed, only prepacked or precooked are allowed. (Ice are allowed to be prepared for the drinks only when drinks are ordered instead of pre-packing it inside beforehand) 
Upcoming Events @ Downtown East in 2016:

1.  19th to 22nd May 2016 – Pre-Holiday Fleamarket @ Downtown East ( Thur to Sun, 4days) @ Downtown East Mall - $260 for all 4 days - SOLD OUT!

The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East


2.  18th to 19th June 2016 – Hari Raya Weekend Fleamarket @ Downtown East ( Thur to Sun, 4days) @ Downtown East Mall - $200 for both days - SOLD OUT!

The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East


3.  28th July to 31st July 2016 – July Fleamarket @ Downtown East ( Thur to Sun, 4days) @ Downtown East Mall - $260 for all 4 days

Promo Rates:

28th July to 31st July(Thur to Sunday) - $200 ( $60 off)

29th July to 31st July (Fri to Sunday) - $160 ($100 off)

The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East


4.  27th to 30th October 2016 – Deepavali Holiday Fleamarket @ Downtown East ( Thur to Sun, 4days) @ Downtown East Mall - $260 for all 4 days 

The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East


5.  2nd to 5th April 2015 – Long Weekend Fleamarket @ Downtown East ( Thur to Sun, 4days) @ Downtown East Mall - $260 for all 4 days - SOLD OUT!

The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East


6. 1st to 7th June 2015 -June School Holiday Fleamarket @ Downtown East (Mon to Sun, 7 days) @ Downtown East Mall - $480 for all 7 days(incl. Peak Period Surcharges) - SOLD OUT!

The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East 


7.  12th to 15th November 2015 – School Holidays Fleamarket @ Downtown East ( Thur to Sun, 4days) @ Downtown East Mall - $260 for all 4 days

The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East - SOLD OUT!


8.  17th to 20th December 2015 – December Holidays Fleamarket @ Downtown East ( Thur to Sun, 4days) @ Downtown East Mall - $280 for all 4 days

The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East - SOLD OUT!

New Flea market Event:   SOLD OUT!
(Only 20 Booths Available - 70% Filled!)
Event Name: Celebrate With Singapore, Celebrate With Us
Celeb Artiste: Ms Priyamani from movies such as Ravaan, Chennai Express, Parithi Veeran will be on show on the 10th of Augst 8pm
Invited Booths: NEA, StarHub, SSTC institute
Other activities include: 
Cricket Tournament 8th August 9am & 10th August 10am (Final)
Kabbadi Tournament 9th August 10am & 10th August 2pm (Finals)
Basketball tournament 8th/9th august 10am
Blood donation drive 8th august
Carnival with bungee run, face painting, free popcorn on 9th august
Free food and goodie bags - 8th & 10th August
Date: 8th to 10th August
Time: 10AM - 6pm (Might go till 8pm)
Address: 27 Penjuru Walk - Penjuru Recreational Centre
Target Audience: Foreign Workers from India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China
Strength of crowd: 10,000 - 20,000
Logistics provided: 2 square tables. (bring your own tablecloth)
-All products are allowed except for food/drinks/counterfeit goods.
- First come first serve. No booth number or advance booth selection.
If interested, please reply to: [email protected] or [email protected]


Upcoming Events @Bedok Point in 2015:


3. 11th May to 17th May 2015 - Shoppers Fleamarket @ Bedok Point Atrium - ( Mon to Sun, 7 days) -$480 for all 7 days, Level 1 Atrium

Contact us at [email protected] to get your booths today!

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The core services we provide include (but not limited to):

- Website Design and Graphic Design Services
- Creating hype for new launch of shopping malls
- Crowd pulling for existing shopping malls with new retail concept stores
- Matching retail business owners to suitable commercial units according to both parties needs
- Themed bazaars to complement commercials units annual event plans at distinguished locations islandwide
- Corporate and personal events (such as Family Day, National Day, Open House, etc) to match occasions such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Hari Raya, Deepavali and many more.


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Here what others say about our Events

"I'm Amy from May's Room who is the tenant at Bedok Point kiosk unit at #B1-K1. This is my first kiosk unit with Fleamonster and i would say that i'm very satisifed with the service and help rendered by Fleamonster. I would definitely collaborate with Fleamonster to rent other kiosk or shop unit if there's any suitable ones. Thank you!"

- Amy Tan

May's Room

“Flea with the Flea Monster was fabulous! They ensured that every vendor was well-taken care of, and all logistics were well setup even before the event. Most importantly, they got the best venue for the best crowd! Excellent job done! Looking forward to more exciting events from the Flea Monster!"

-Alvila Boutique


"I am Joseph from Jan G Fashion. I was vendor No 13 on 13 and 14 September. Here are my sincere feedbacks/testimonials on the bazaar at Downtown East.

I like the car park. I can park right in front of the entrance of the bazaar area. It is very convenient and cheap as well. Whole day parking is $9+ compared to an average of $17+ in many shopping complexes. The vendor area, compare to many other events is just nice for me. I was also lucky to be flanked by very good vendors. We watched over each other's booth when it was break time . Food was all around us. It was even brought to my table by the hawker. And most importantly, my takings was one of my best. I guess Pasir Ris is mid and upper class. Customers buying power was there, although they still tend to bargain a little. And finally, the event staff are always there if we needed help.

It was really a very successful 2 days selling for me. This time round, I will be early to book for 4 days. This is an opportunity vendors should not missed. I would like to thank the organizer for getting such an ideal place for me to sell my products.

Thank you! Cheers!"

- Joseph

Jan G Fashion

"The event proved to be good for my company. The response received was good. Through this event, i get to advertise my website. The crowd was good. I believe the advertisment from fleamonster was good. My slot was on Friday and i am surprised that we can get good business even on a working afternoon. The crowd was heavier during the evenings. I must comment that the location of the flea was very ideal. It drew crowd from the bus stop outside and from E-Hub. The space allocated was big enough and there were no direct competition, which i think it is very considerate of the organizer.

Overall, i would very much like to participate in this event again should there be any. "

- Carole Chua


"Thank you for organizing the recent event at Downtown East. Although it was my first event, I was impressed by the service you have provided. Before the event itself, I received a number of emails with location details, rules & regulations and FAQs, much to the extent that I had no need to ask further questions and pretty much knew exactly what I should and should not do. You even provided picture examples of will organised stalls vs messy stalls!! Even before the event, I was given so much information that I did not feel like a first timer at all.

During the 4-day event, members of your organizing team could be seen walking around the area from time to time and were readily reachable by mobile should the need arises. The set-up and subsequent take down of the event was efficient and well organized.

I will most definitely take part in your future events that are around my area."

- Doreen

Grinstar Bows Etc.


"I attended the Fashion Feast Week @ Downtown East on 15th and 16th of September 2012 organized by FleaMonster. It was my 1st experience in Downtown East and was my 1st with fleaMonster. At first I was skeptical about it because my previous experience was not very good. To my surprise it has turned out to be better than expected!

I was selling my crochet items which I crocheted them myself. I am trying to bring back the trend which was very “in” in the 70s and 80s. I was very pleased with the response.

Unlike the other flea market from other organizer that I have joined, I would say that this time around, I really enjoyed myself. The spot chosen by the organizer was very good! It is right where the people are and we can be sure there will be crowd any time of the day. I was so lucky that my booth was quite near the entrance which gives me the added advantage. But I am sure no matter where my booth is, it will still be good because it was a good spot. It was my best sale so far!

I am also happy with the way the organizer was handling the flea. They are around most of time. So, if there are problems they are just phone call away. They are very prompt with their response. The Organiser would go around checking on everyone to make sure that we are ok. The booths are set up nicely with table cloth and skirting so everyone’s is standard. We were given the booth number in advance which is so much better than the “1st come 1st served” basis which I had experienced and disliked very much. The space given is also very generous because it gave us more room to move about and to display our items. The fellow vendors were great too. They are all very friendly and helpful. I do not know whether they are the regulars but they are a nice bunch of people.

Well… it was the best experience so far and we really appreciate the good work Fleamonster!

I hope to be able to join you again in the near future!"

- Amildah Crochet Flair

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