Brochure Design Services


Professional Brochure created in Premium high Quality.
Premium Brochure designs – $138 to $188 SGD per page
We will deliver files in JPEG format / 300 dpi. ( PSD file are available at extra costs if required) 

PS: And wait! Just because we are confident of our service and if for some reason you don’t like how your brochure turns out, we’ll give your money back! Yes! We are the only brochure design provider that gives you a money back guarantee!

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Please email us at [email protected] to get your brochure designed today!

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Brochure Design Singapore Pie    Brochure Design Singapore Royalty

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Tips on Choosing the Right Brochure Fold:

Apart from having a nice flyer design, having the right brochure fold is the first step that you have to decide before ordering a brochure design with us.
The first thing is to decide how you best want to present your products or services in the brochure. You have to think it out on what goes on the header, which part of the brochure to place your logo design and how you like your information to flow on the brochure.
The good thing is that there is plenty of options to choose from but unfortunately you can only choose 1.
So get going by looking at the different folding options below and email us at [email protected] once you have decided.

1. Half-Fold
Best Used For: Simple business presentations

Brochure Design Singapore half fold

2. Classic Tri-Fold
Best Used For: Compact pieces that are easy to read and unfold

Brochure Design Singapore classic tri fold

3. Single Gate Fold
Best Used For: Graphically-heavy designs

Brochure Design Singapore single gate fold

4. Four-Panel Fold
Best Used For: Promotional leaflets and programs

Brochure Design Singapore four panel fold

5. Double-Gate Fold
Best Used For: Large presentations

Brochure Design Singapore double gate fold

6. Z Fold
Best Used For: Mailing and “quick glance” handouts

Brochure Design Singapore z fold

7. Four-Panel Accordion Fold
Best Used For: Text- and information-heavy designs

Brochure Design Singapore four panel accordian fold

8. Four-Panel Roll Fold
Best Used For: Step-by-step and tutorial information

Brochure Design Singapore four panel roll fold

The choice is yours
Picking the right fold for a brochure requires time and thought. To help make your choice, think of the end product you want.
Contact us at [email protected] to make your order today!