Flyer/Poster Design Services



Professional Flyers and Posters created in Premium high Quality.

Premium flyer/poster designs - $138 to $188 SGD per page
We will deliver files in JPEG format / 300 dpi. ( PSD file are available at extra costs if required) 

Our other Premium Services 

- Logo Design Singapore

- Brochure Design Singapore

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Tips on Designing a Great Effective Flyer

1. Know your Customer. You need to know who your customers are and what are their challenges. Before you design that flyer, learn how you can solve your customer's problems and issues. These are the information that needs to be on your flyers.  Don't put on the flyers what your product can or cannot do. Instead, educate your customers how your products or services can solve their problems. If you don't have the answers, ask them. Use their answers to help decide which benefits to play up in your brochure.

2. Don't waste space putting your building on the flyer.
Remember, the only thing that your customer care about is your products and services, and how these can help them. They don't care about your company building and how good they look on the brochures. These are precious space on your flyers which should only be about selling your products.

3. Catchy headlines and attention grabbing graphics.
On average, consumers take less than 4 seconds to read the cover of your flyer before deciding to continue reading it or not. If your headlines are lame and graphics are poor, they are most likely to throw your flyer away.

4. Don't just sell, tell them what to do after reading your flyer.
Once the reader has an interests in your products or services, direct your reader on what to do next. Do not assume that they will search your email on your website to contact you. Tell them by placing instructions like "Call now at XXXX to order your XXX Today!". Otherwise, they will put the actions on hold and might end calling other merchants if they forget about you.