Logo Design Services


Unique and highly Attractive Premium/Professional logo design for you.
Premium Logo designs - $88 SGD (2 variations)
Professional Logo designs - $288 SGD ( more complex logo - 2 variations)
We will deliver files in JPEG format / 300 dpi. ( PSD, PDF, PNG's  are available at extra costs if required) 

Our other Premium Services 

- Brochure Design Singapore

- Flyer Design Singapore

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Tips in designing a great logo for your business:

1) Do your Groundwork

Firstly, it is very important that you determine who are your target audience. They can be new age high-flying professionals, old-timers businessman, or even retired entrepreneurs. Get your design wrong and your business will have a poor start. But if you target your logo design at the right audience, you are off to a good start.

2) Stand out from the Rest – Your Logo is yours and yours alone.

Most people would want a very simple logo for their business but do not play it too safe as it might just turned out to be very boring, unattractive and uninspiring that it leaves no impact. A logo that you really want is a logo that stands out amongst your competition and speaks for itself about the services that your business carry. Only a graphic designer with vast experience, technical ability and a strong flair in designing can pull off an awesome logo design that will make your customers hypnotized to your logo and keep coming back.

3) Make it Customizable

Think ahead and think far on how your logo will be like on a brochure design, flyer design, on a desktop or even a bill board. It needs to be able to look good be it on small print or on the big screen. Testing of the design needs to be done at the early stage to see if it fits nicely being on your hand phone or on promotional printed materials. Some logo designs might look good on phones and tablets but looks really bad when stretched to a huge size such as on the bill board.